Anonymous asked: my girlfriend is hardcore femme and i'm tomboyfemme. However its seriously driving me nuts. It makes me feel so fkn inferior& lazy don't get me wrong its nice to dress up and look pretty but most of the time I just want to see her relaxed and more laid back. She's taking me to the beach right now and she's DRESSING UP AS IF WE'RE GOING TO OLIVE GARDEN WTF T__T I just want to tell her straight out WHY THE HELL CAN'T YOU JUST WEAR SHORTS AND A BIKINI. Simple and straight forward NOTHING FANCY!

Hi. I’m sorry. I left tumblr for a while for personal reasons, please understand, but I’ll answer this anyway. Let her know gently that it’s okay to cut it loose sometimes and no one, especially you, will judge her, especially if you love her no matter how she looks. Regarding stereotypes, I suppose I’m femme or Lipstick, but more in a casual way and I know when its time to be foot loose and fancy free. I even keep a pair of sweats in my girlfriend’s car. Make sure she understands that you think she’s beautiful, sweats or a dress, make up or no, and maybe then she’ll cut loose


Anonymous asked: I'm a virgin and i'm really sacred when a guy enters me he will feel extrement inside me or it will come out.

Keep yourself clean. Personal hygene. Use a condom, lube, be safe and sanitary, especially because it’s your first time.

Hey, kids

Sorry, I haven’t answered any questions in a while. I haven’t logged onto tumblr lately. If you asked for advice, it should’ve been answered, so you can take a gander, if you like.


Anonymous asked: I have tried to finger myself but I just don't know what to do :/ I have never made myself cum using my fingers. I then moved on to vibrators, which worked for a while, I used to get orgasms from it. Now the vibrator takes ages to give me an orgasm, what should I do? and also I am scared that if I ever get with a girl I wouldn't know how to please her, I can't even help myself?

If you masturbate too much, you’ll eventually grow bored with yourself. These tricks work great on both you and your partner: ever heard of the G-spot? If you insert your fingers into your vagina, palm facing up, it’s a little spongey spot about half way in. It feels kind of like the roof of your mouth, but softer. If you can find that, any girl will be in control. It’s an amazing pleasure point. When you find it, try making a “come over here” motion with your fingers. Two fingers work just fine. (three usually hurt) Also, when she’s about to climax, push softly on her lower abdomen, between her belly button and vagina. It helps relax her bladder. I know that sound bad, but trust me. If she’s relaxed and comfortable enough, she’ll lady-ejaculate, or “squirt.” It’s a colourless, tasteless liquid that comes out of the same place urine does, but it’s not urine, not even close, and if she does this, that means you’ve done a good job. For masturbating, try going slow and working your way up. Don’t even use the toy. Stimulate your clit with your finger, slowly. Work your way to moving faster, putting your fingers inside, up to using the toy. Climaxes are better when you drag it all out. Hope this helps.


Anonymous asked: I'm bisexual and my mom kind of knows? I told her awhile back and I guess she's ok with it. That's not my issue though. I don't know if I'm bisexual anymore.. I don't know if I'm Lesbian.. I feel like it? I really don't know. I know I don't feel normal. My mom knows but my dad doesn't, nor does my mom's bf (Allegedly he/his family would be all freaked out.) I don't know who/what I am, and besides that, I feel ashamed of my sexuality. :(

You should never feel ashamed of who you are. You need to be proud that you’re brave enough to accept who you are, despite what society tells you. Your moms boyfriend should never have a say in your sexuality. Who cares if he or his family freaks out? You are who you are. If you’re a lesbian, then great. Go for it. Kiss a girl. Be some lucky girls amazing girlfriend. Who gives a shit what other people think? Be yourself. That’s nothing to be ashamed of (:


Anonymous asked: Hi. I think i might be bisexual, but i don't know how to tell for sure. I think I like another girl, but i've talked myself into liking people in the past (boys) and I don't know if i'm doing the same thing here. how can I know, if I've never kissed a boy or girl, and the girl i think I like is straight?

You can know which gender you like without having sex. The genitals isn’t the part that matters when it comes to affection and feelings. It’s the act, the smell, the feel, shape and sounds. If you had to talk yourself into liking guys, then how do you know you even like them? Figuring something like this out takes time, not sex, so be patient and go with what feels right.


Anonymous asked: Hey, I'm really confused..I'm thinking I'm bi-curious, not bi-sexual. I know I love guys, but when I think about kissing, touching, or sex, I think about girls too. What does this mean? Am I bi? I don't want to be since my friends have had creepy experiences with lesbians, so I don't want to lose them. Plus it's just scary. I'm so worried.

Your sexuality isn’t something to be scared of or worried about. You need to go with what feels right to you. As long as you don’t hit on your friends, then there shouldn’t be a reason for them to think you’re creepy. In some ways, we’re all a little bi-sexual. In your case, I think it’s mostly your curiosity. That’s completely normal. You’re growing up, your sex drive is becoming apparent. If you think you’re bi, maybe you are. Sometimes, though, people think they’re one thing and wind up being something completely different. Don’t hide your sexuality just because you’re scared of what other people will think, though.


Anonymous asked: So recently i came to the realization that i am gay/bi. Everyone thinks I am a straight guy, ive told a couple of people that I wasn't and yeah. but I have this crush on one of my straight guy friends, and he's all I can think about and ugh, I get angry with myself because I know that nothing will ever happen. He's very touchy and I'm not sure he's completely straight either. He's kinda douchey to everyone else, except me, and I find it odd. What should I do?

Ah, the good ol’ cliche “Jack ass with a soft spot.” which I think this might be the case. With guys, it’s much more of a touchy subject because guys tend to be more homophobic than girls are. If he’s touchy-feely with you, it may be because he’s a bit curious. Curiosity doesn’t always mean “I’m going to try it once and be done.” If you haven’t done it yet, this should be the person you come out to. That should be your first step. Second is admitting your feelings. If he turns out to be straight and he’s a good friend, he’ll handle it well and mature. If he freaks the fuck out, he isn’t worth your time as a friend.

I am completely ashamed of my state for passing Amendment One.

It’s not just about gay rights. Any couples not “properly” married loses their union benifits. My girlfriend is losing her medical insurrence because her parents aren’t married. I’m so fucking upset.

I am completely ashamed of my state for passing Amendment one.