Anonymous asked: You are so amazing! can I ask you a question? do you think that a lesbian relationship can work if both people cant go over to each other's homes? we're both in college, been together for 3 years but my parents hate her, her parents hate me. We're both not welcomed at each other's homes so we basically go on dates as much as we can. We're planning for our future but I'm scared

Well, thank you. And if you’ve been together that long despite your parents, I’m sure you can figure out a way. My girlfriend’s mom absolutely despises me, but we’re still making it work. If your parents hate your relationship because of homophobia, rather than hatred to the actually person, I don’t think it’s really a good idea to try to make them like you, because it’ll more than likely be a lost cause. As long as you two can live through it, you’re good. Think very long and hard about spending the rest of your life with her. Keep in mind, that even though your parents may disapprove, it’s still your life and you’re the one to decide how to live it.

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